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Regarding posting in IPS blogs and new licence changes


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mine looks like I may have gained about 3 weeks.

on a quick glance it looks like the system defaulted to giving to the customer.

If I recall correctly from Charle's blog post (off the top of my head here), they will be pro-rated (IE, time added) rather than anything else.
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Ok. how about non-active licence holders not being able to comment on IPS blogs? Granted, there are lots of inactive licence holders (not visiting forums etc) but there are also lots of folks who didn't renew but are active on the forums and care about developement of IPS products and as such would like to take part in blog discussions. If I was able to post there, I wouldn't have opened this thread in the first place. The way it is, even if I have a most simple question about some minor detail regarding this and that, I would have to open a new thread instead of just asking there.

I don't see it "motivating" inactive licence holders to renew just to be able to post there and as such, the whole idea behind it is unclear to me.

This is not me "bashing" IPS, just my own personal opinion.

That was another mistake which has now been fixed :)
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