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Cookie permission legaly required in Europe/The Netherlands


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I have some feedback for the IP.Board devs.

Since the 26 of may in Europe is is legally required to ask your visitors explicit permission BEFORE writing ANY cookie.

I have tried to comply to this law by implementing some ready made scripts, but that doesn't work good enough. Some cookies are still written, like facebook, google ads, google+ etc. For that I would have to change code in the IP.Board sources, I don;'t know how and that would cause problems when upgrading.

Is IP.Board going to implement a proper system for asking cookie permissions any time soon? In the Netherlands you may get a serious fine, if you are caught writing cookies without your visitors explicit permission.

Kind regards,


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That's all very nice, but what I read there (especially the responses from IPS developers) are not creating a smile on my face :(

In Europe and especially in the Netherlands you can get a serious fine if you do not comply to the letter of this new law.

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Firstly, there's not really any way IP.Board can collect permission before your third party addon scripts (e.g. Google Analytics) writes cookies. We don't write or maintain those scripts, nor do we add the code for them into your site, and there is no way our software could get permission for cookies they set before hand.

Beyond that, however, as already mentioned this topic has come up and been discussed already.

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