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This will allow Administrators to create Custom fields for Forums which would be used with the permission and search. This is really something you guys need to develop because the Forums APP is very special and this would allow you to freely use Forums for anything... Not to mention you already have this Custom fields concept in other areas of the Board so Please!

I beg you to include this in the future and I urge anyone who agrees with me to post below!

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I also spoke here... and now I'm looking for information here

Something like that would work however the way i have my custom fields setup is by adding it to the current fields that exist in the Forums App. As far as your second link, then thats for profile custom fields which isn't the same for the forums that I would need as an example. The way i personally did it on one of my boards is add onto the current fields that exist within the IPB files (old fashioned way) and that seemed to do the trick although i manually had to create a sql query to add the new table into the right area. Nevertheless... what is being asked her is not hard to do at all and i know IPS can do it... so please guys!

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