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Content Custom Page Titles

Nuclear General

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File Name: Content Custom Page Titles

File Submitter: Nuclear General

File Submitted: 30 Jul 2012

File Category: Content Management

This Hook Will give an option when setting a custom page title to format the titles of any databases embedded in the page.
All constants replacements are usable, eg: {page_name}, {website_name}, {board_name}, {database_name}, {category_name}, {record_name}.
This grants more granular and approachable control of Content Database Page Titles than the constants allow, and directly overrides them if supplied for the page.
Separately format your Database/Articles Index, Category, and View Titles per page of use.
Manage all page titles directly from the page.

here to download this file

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It seems that the changes are not saved.

When I save the changes and return to edit the page, all fields are blank.

Is that normal?

no.... I had noticed a bug there just before release I thought fixed by the overload of wizardProxy that existed on starting a new wizard session,,,

protected function _wizardProxy()




  // INIT


  $sessionId = $this->request['wizard_session'] ? IPSText::md5Clean( $this->request['wizard_session'] ) : md5( uniqid( microtime(), true ) );

$_sessions = $this->DB->buildAndFetch( array( 'select' => '*', 'from' => 'ccs_page_wizard', 'where' => "wizard_id='{$sessionId}'" ) );

if( $_sessions['wizard_edit_id'] )


$_page = $this->DB->buildAndFetch( array( 'select' => 'page_database_title', 'from' => 'ccs_pages', 'where' => "page_id='{$_sessions['wizard_edit_id']}'" ) );



$this->DB->update('ccs_page_wizard', array('wizard_database_title' => $_page['page_database_title']), "wizard_id='{$_sessions['wizard_id']}'");




I go and edit a page it appears to work, but will delve deeper, basically you load step 2 the html is returned, but this runs also to insert the missing wizard session data from the page.

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This as no effect on URLs that I use in the navigation system of IP.Content.


IP.Content - Menu


They will just the name of the page and nothing else, I can change it but doesn't have any effect on it. This only happens to single pages that I've created inside IP.Content but if I remove the url from the navigation menu it works fine.

Could you take a look into this for me and see if there's a way to get the two working please?

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