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SEO: Meta keyworks doesnt work correctly


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System Settings > System > Search Engine Optimization

Boardindex > Meta keywords

If you put this:


it prints them as one word, like this:

[CODE]<meta name="keywords" content="hoitajathoitajasairaalaterveydenhuoltohoitotyö" />

So you need to write them without commas, with spaces. And it prints them with spaces. It does same thing in IPContent.Likre this

<meta name="keywords" content="hoitajat hoitaja sairaala terveydenhuolto hoitotyö" />

Shoulndt we use commas? http://www.w3schools...gs/tag_meta.asp If not, then why we use them in topics then? Example http://hoitajat.net/...e-uusi-laeaeke/

<meta name="keywords" content="SVT,Alkoholismiin,kehitteillä,uusi,lääke,Jos,alkoholia,nautitaan,paljon,usein,aivojen,mielihyväkeskus,turtuu,dopamiinin,määrä,laskee,alle,normaalitason,Ruotsalaistutkija,kehittänyt,aineen,jonka,avulla,saadaan,pidettyä,vakionaLue" />[/code]


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And yes, i know that very few search engines use the keyword tag nowadays, but Google AdSense use them to show relevant ads. So it is important.

<meta name="keywords" content="meta keywords meta tags meta data seo search engine results">[/CODE]

[CODE]<meta name="keywords" content="meta keywords, meta tags, meta data, seo, search engine results">

See difference?

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