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Wildcards in Bad Word Filter.


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So I asked tech support if this existed, but alas it does not. They said to make a suggestion.

I'm trying to run a swearing free forum but without a wildcard all anyone has to do to evade the filter is use a random symbol.

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I already am. But that doesn't preclude my request to have this feature.

What you should really be asking for is the ability to use regular expressions in the swear filter. Here's an example of why:
Say someone drops the 'f' bomb, but knowing that you're filtering f*u* (etc), they decide to use 'ƒ' instead of 'f'. Suddenly, they've gotten around it. With regular expressions, you could use '[fƒ]' which would match either one used.

Another problem with wildcards is that it can match acceptable content. Let's say you're trying to filter 'a*s*s' for example. That would match "access" and you don't want that headache.

Also keep in mind that no matter how smart you make a filter, someone WILL find a way around it. For those who are intent on doing that, just put them on ModQ with the attitude of "we'll get to your queued post when we get to it", ie, not going to put forth any extra effort just to approve their acceptable posts 'quickly'. They got themselves onto it, they need to accept the consequences. If that doesn't discourage them, then limit the number of posts they can make per day or better yet, disable their posting ability for a few days. If they want to stay on your site bad enough, they'll take the hint and behave. If not, then did you really need them as a member so bad that you have to let them generate more work for you/your staff?
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Unless this is already possible?

Sign up using Viglink by using this hook:

Not sure if it's still working in 3.3 but it'll at least get you on the right track. With your Viglink account, you can toggle settings so that if someone posts an Amazon link, it'll filter out any other affiliate information and replace it with their code and if someone clicks it, it redirects the credit to you.
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