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The ability to pin posts (not threads)


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One feature that I believe would be extremely useful for very busy threads would be the ability to pin specific posts to the top of each page.

There are some scenarios where a thread is so busy that any moderator/administrator announcements within the thread quickly get lost on page 225, drowned out by all the activity. Being able to pin important key posts would mean the ability to convey vital information relative to that specific thread - usually concerning the rules, legal mumojumbo or general information.

The way I see this working would be to see the extra option of "pin" within both the post editor and the drop down menu after post selection.

Said post would then pin directly under the main article on the first page of the thread, then at the top of the thread on each page thereafter. If two posts are pinned, the earliest will be displayed at the top.

Perhaps optionally, the original post would still remain in the position it was posted at with it's pinned clone now resting at the top of each page.

With threads that have gained thousands of pages and tens of thousands of replies, this sort of feature would be an incredibly useful moderation/administration tool.


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