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You can rate your own threads


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You generally don't want to let users give themselves reputation, right?

Well, have you ever noticed that you can rate your own threads here?

It's not a bug, but I am in support of preventing users from doing this.

Or maybe you could just change the vote to "1 star" whenever a user tries to give their own thread a 5 star rating.

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I disagree. I don't really have users who use the thread ratings, but I like to give stuff ratings so they show up in the metadata.

Well, that's kind of an abuse of the function. It's not intended to allow you to promote 5 star ratings on all your threads to search engines, it's meant to allow your members to rate your threads.

Definitely not insulting you for doing it, though I may not personally be in favor of it, just saying "that's not its primary purpose."

But I agree that keeping this as a setting may be the best option.
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Well I don't give stuff five stars really. :S

Actually I hardly ever do ratings as it is..generally I forget. When I do do it though it's because of the metadata.

Honestly I would just get rid of thread ratings entirely. The whole 1-5 rating system is pretty outdated. These days it's just like or dislike anyway.

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