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Content Template Logic Pages

Nuclear General

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File Name: Content Template Logic Pages

File Submitter: Nuclear General

File Submitted: 15 Jul 2012

File Category: Content Management

This Hook Will add a new Page Content type that uses Template logic where each page using the page type is a skin template fed the native page data, the 'template' file is stored on-disk in /hooks/skin_ccs_pages.php.
This file is regenerated upon saving an edit of any page using this content type.
Due to the expected dynamic input(why else would you need this?), caching is disabled for this page type.

here to download this file

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I am certain at some point, somewhere, some coder with a brain will ask this, so I'm going to explain it now.
The Template engine is greedy, greedy enough to break {parse database="x"} and {parse articles}/{parse articles category="x"}, and to plant wholly unnecessary js injection code in blocks.
This is why these tags are swapped out to ccs rather than parse in the generated templates, so they may be properly handled without oddities from the template engine even touching them.

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