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Download: Italian Language Pack


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File Name: Italian Language Pack
File Submitter: OmekaTeam
File Submitted: 12 Jul 2012
File Category: Language Packs

Italian Language Pack IPB 3.3.4


The translation is only forum and is divided into three files for easier loading, you will also find a txt file with instructions to install it. Please report any errors in omeka_1@yahoo.it


La traduzione è solo forum ed è divisa in tre file per agevolare il caricamento, troverete anche un file txt con le istruzioni per installarla. Segnalate eventuali errori a omeka_1@yahoo.it

here to download this file

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Hi -

Thanks so much for creating these files. I tried to add language packs in ipb v3.0.5 and it was a total disaster. I read your 'read me' txt file and it seems very simple.

My question is what happens if I don't upload all the files. What if I just upload the forums file or just the member files?

I guess I don't understand why you have three separate files instead of just one? Is it because it is so resource intensive and it is better to upload three smaller files than one big one?



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