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Portal Plugin - (DDK33) Board Index Face

Ibragim Pupkevich

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File Name: Portal Plugin - (DDK33) Board Index Face

File Submitter: Ibragim Pupkevich

File Submitted: 11 Jul 2012

File Category: Content Management

This XML will simply add Portal Plugin for (DDK33) Board Index Face hook into your Portal 1.x (by Michael).

After this plugin will be added you can put following replacement into your Portal templates easily:


NOTE: Before adding this block you should have (DDK33) Board Index Face hook installed!

Unfortunatelly, you can not disable (DDK33) Board Index Face hook at all, in that case Portal Plugin will not work as well. But if you want to show the hook on Portal pages only you can do the following steps: %7Boption%7D for assistance.

[*]Follow to [ AdminCP -> System tab -> Hooks -> Edit "(DDK33) Board Index Face" hook -> Files tab ] [*]Change the following item to "Select a Hook ID" (equals to "none"):


[url= here to download this file

P.S. Thanks to

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