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ACP Multiple Forum Creation and Inefficiencies


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I'm not sure how feasible a "batch create forum" feature would be (say you enter a comma-delimited list of forum names instead of one name and it will create multiple forums at once using the same set of settings), but I will put it out there for consideration. :tongue:

After using IPB for several years, one frustrating thing that has always stuck out to me is the process of creating forums in the ACP:

1) Copying permissions sets
There is an option in the "edit permissions" page of an existing forum to copy the permission set from another forum. Currently this feature is not available on forum creation, so you have to check off the permission grid manually every time or leave it blank and use the "edit permissions" page to copy existing permission sets to new forums one at a time.

If the "copy permissions from" dropdown can be added to the forum creation process, that would make it much faster. Or better yet, an independent feature to copy permissions from one forum to multiple other forums at once would be good.

2) Default parent forum
When you navigate within a subforum in the ACP and create a new forum there, the parent forum dropdown always defaults to Root. Can you make it so this dropdown defaults to the forum in which the "new forum" button is clicked?

Both the above seem like minor inconveniences, but together they make creating multiple forums and subforums a painful and tedious experience.

Thank you for your time!

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