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Nexus Questions

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I just had a couple of questions regarding Nexus:

-Can it bundle different products to be shown as such in the store? I like the bundle discount feature that automatically applies, but I need customers to be able to explicitly see the package they are getting. If they have to play with the shopping cart to figure out discounts, they won't bother. An example is what we have at http://www.gymnasticbodies.com/store/homepage/pkg-5-rings-book.html . Each product has its own page, but the bundle simply shows pictures and the price of buying the products together: the store then simply puts one of each item in the shopping cart (this also ensures proper inventory count).

- Will the Nexus store allow special sales prices to be shown? If we are having a sale on an item, customers need to see the difference. Is there a way to add this attribute already or does it require a plug-in?

-Similarly, we have both a short and long description available currently for each product Is there a way to do something similar, and more specifically to show just the short description when up-selling and cross-selling?

-If I am only intending to offer downloads from my store and not anything user-submitted, do I require IP.Downloads module? Additionally, am I attaching the relevant file to the custom page as an attachment? If so, the 2mb limit seems a huge limitation for us. I'm hesitant about the idea of pasting the url into the text field, as then the link could simply be given out for download without requiring the user to be logged in. Are there solutions in this regard?

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