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Maxx 2012: The Most Advanced Skin.

Ajouz ♞

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i have just tried on your site with an account not connected to facebook with the default skin and i dont see the option to share on facebook.I cant duplicate this issue

I tried again, here's the report:
on the skin IP.Board (DISATTIVATA) with user connected to facebook share this post on facebook so it works as you can see in the attached image,
Skin Cuoresportivo344 with user connected to facebook does not share the post.
Please you can see better.
infinitely thanks
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ok lets just clarify show me a screenshot of where you are seeing this button to share on facebook on both skins please.

attached screenshot IP.Board Skin (DISATTIVATA) after clicking on the facebook button, and sceenshot skin CuoreSportivo344 after clicking on facebook button only increases the number of I like it.
I insert the attachment well as ticket assistance made ​​IPB

Giuseppe Farchica

06 August 2014 - 10:41 AM

hello, when I click on the link in the forum I like facebook I do not share the post on facebook. seccede this for a long time.

thank you

Alan Wagstaff

07 August 2014 - 02:58 AM


This is happening because your custom skin is set to not let you add a comment when liking a topic or post. When you like a post without adding a comment, Facebook will rarely display it on your timeline. If you switch to the default IP.Board skin and then like a post, you'll see that it also lets you add a comment and it will then show that like on your timeline, as per the screenshots below.

I recommend contacting the designer of your custom skin who will be able to help you fix this.



Many thanks,

Alan Wagstaff
Invision Power Services, Inc

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Hello, I've been looking but can't seem to find out how to get the slider only to show on one page. Right now it's showing on my frontpage and also on any article pages and article's index page. I only want it to show on the frontpage. I check the documentation and that didn't help. Could some one please help me? Thank you.

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Ok I spoke too soon. Out of the options, none work for me. The page I want it to work on isn't my main index page, the forum is there. The page I want it to show up on: http://my_site.com/index.php?/page/index.html

The page is an IP Content Page but if I choose that it shows up on all my IP Content pages.

You have to add the slider in manually if you wish to do this.This requires some html knowledge.

I wanted to purchase this skin but it looks like it might be not be supported anymore? I'm concerned about the slider issue. Even on the demo site the slider is broken. I'm using the latest mac version of Chrome, and Firefox:


No one has posted on http://www.ips-skins.com/ since 2013. Is Ajouz still around?


I am supporting this skin in Ajouz absence ,the demo site is just a demo site nothing more,no posting is done there.The slider works but sometimes glitches out in firefox.

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