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Member filtering in admin and bulk email


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1. In Ip Board 3.3.3 there is no option yet to search for members that accepted to receive emails from the administrator - sort of accepted the newsletter sign-up.

I couldn't find any other way but through the phpmyadmin database... We should be able to filter them, maybe even stop any kind of notifications being sent to them. They are the members that report mails as spam and get the server ip blacklisted.

2. We should be able to include in any bulk mail a link to unsubscribe automatically (with only one click) - without having to log in their account, search for that setting in the notifications settings pannel, saving.. etc. This usubscribe should actually mark their account as not accepting email from administrators.

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3 months ago and not even one like.

Agreed, this is important.

Plus it always seems to stop at specific numbers anytime I've done this. So therefore it leads me to believe that there's a problem somewhere. Of course, without being able to see who's opted out of mails from admin, I'm unable to find out for sure.

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