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Download: Finnish Language Pack for IP.board 3.3.3


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File Name: Finnish Language Pack for IP.board 3.3.3/3.3.4
File Submitter: Jred
File Submitted: 04 Jul 2012
File Category: Language Packs

Finnish translation for Ip.board 3.3.3, public side only (+ very few admin bits).
There are 3 files in a zip, core, forums and members and import them one by one, downside of this seems to be that they overwrite default language back, that'll be english.

I added language.xml to download, witch contains all I have, Ip.Nexus, Ip.Content, Ip.Gallery, Ip.Chat, Ip.Board (3.3.4) and so on and that won't overwrite default, all have public side translated, minus few strings.

Please report any errors at jared@herppi.net

here to download this file

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Fake FAKE FAKE !!! Incredible that no moderators look this before .

This xml file turns all my langages in forums in russian turkisn or something like that

All files are checked before approval I can assure you. It has been updated since it was approved:

  • Submitted: Jul 04 2012 10:58 AM
  • Last Updated: Aug 14 2012 03:49 AM
  • Approved on: 04 July 2012 - 11:44 AM

Will recheck it now. :smile:
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After restesting this, there is no fault with it that I can see.

If you use the large, single language_5.xml file it will import as a separate language which works and does not overwrite the default see:

if you use the individual packs in the ipboard333 folder ie core_language / forums_language it *will* overwrite the defaults, This is intended behaviour.

Use the large single pack to avoid this. :)

If you've destroyed your original language please use this to restore it > http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/documentation/index.html/_/knowledge-base/recurring-non-version-specific-issues/how-to-restore-the-english-us-language-pack-r503

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FOr your tutS in order to back to US langage default i had to make that :

DELETE FROM `INVIcore_sys_lang_words` WHERE `lang_id`= 1

Manualy in the database from phpmyadmin.

Rebuild from XML
And Recache all

Now english is came normal...

It confirm this file is corrupt or doesn't do what it s cense to do ...

For my french trad all is corrupt too .. if i made

DELETE FROM `INVIcore_sys_lang_words` WHERE `lang_id`= 2 (french)

Rebuild from xml or use the translate dir method with the files from invision.fr it doesnt work anymore .. always in suomi
I have deleted Suomi and finish GRRRRR files ... to be sure before .
But all my french table `INVIcore_sys_lang_words` WHERE `lang_id`= 2 is plenty of suomi langage without french anymore.

its the only thing i was making on my forum so i am sure the problem is from one of these 3 files .


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