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Permanent redirect IPB forum hosted in Windows IIS to a sub domain(Linux)

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Whats the best method of redirecting my Old Forum all the contents (hosted in IIS) to New Forum contents (hosted in Apache linux)


Old : http://www.xxxx.com/forum/index.php?/topic/13449-how-to-clean-corolla-111-cristal-lightswhere/

New : http://forum.xxxx.com/topic/13449-how-to-clean-corolla-111-cristal-lightswhere/

I tried to do it using an .htaccess file but seems like it's not working in Windows IIS server.

Then I tried using a web.config file, but it gives an error when I place it in the root.

Guys what is the best way to do the above task? and If you can I have a working redirect code for the above task?


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