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Portal Plugin - VNC


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yeah, good question because it says compatible with 3.2 ...

also, any chance you could upload one more image to show where/how the VNC portal plugin fits? Or is that large left side the VNC portal plugin?

Thanks SO much for developing these portal plugins. You are awesome!


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yes, works with 3.3.x, keeping the version tags up to date for many files is a job, that amuses me not ... so don't mind trying the hooks in other versions.

it is the main block on the left. the template for the content listing is the same as in default vnc view. only the menu for selecting the filters is hidden, it appears by clicking in the small cog in the title bar of the block. i think using the vnc is much more flexible than the other blocks, that provide "only" the recent topics.

i'm planing to integrate automatic ajax topiclist updates...but needs some time.

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