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Portal Plugin - Upcoming Events


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I don't understand the read me.
""Still inside the Admin CP, visit the My Apps -> Portal page. Look for the row named Upcoming Events and click the Options button to the right""
My Apps are you talking about "Other Apps"? If you are I don't see the row upcoming events.

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I have uploaded and reuploaded the files for this portal plugin. I am a heavy user of the portal application, having installed it two years ago and I know how to paste the template code and so on.

I have installed the hook as per the documentation and checked to make sure it is enabled. It is.

No matter what, I cannot get this portal plugin to work.

If you have any ideas, I would be most grateful.



ps. there is no upcoming events portal plugin listed in the hooks section of the system setting. you do see the hook listed in the manage hooks section but that's it.

pps: if I click on the gear icon in the my apps -> portal -> manage plugins -> and scroll down to Upcoming events, I get an error message that 'no group was passed, please try again.

ppps: the listed portal plugin in manage plugins lists this:
"Upcoming Events
This plugin will display a block for a Upcoming Events. - portal_upcoming_events"
... but there are no directions or documentation on how to go about making a portal block. sure I can click on manage blocks and fill in the obvious stuff but then it asks for html code or for php code ... and I have nooooooooooo idea where I am supposed to snap snap snap make that appear????

Thanks for any advice you can give.

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This hook is not supported on your system

The hook you are trying to install does not meet all the requirements, please review them below.
If you still want to go ahead and enable it press the 'Enable Hook' button above but BE CAREFUL as you might get errors!

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i "have to" ??? only my wife is in the position to give me orders - are you my wife?


edit the template Calendar --> boardIndexCalEvents


sorry i still have portal 1.2.0 because i included some individual modifications there. if theres time in the next weeks i will have a look at that. if somebody else has a "fixed" version or hint how to fix it you can pm me.

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