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Download: Maximus' Neon Ranks Set

PXL Maximus

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File Name: Maximus' Neon Ranks Set
File Submitter: PXL Maximus
File Submitted: 01 Jul 2012
File Category: Group Team Icons

Hey everyone here is my first Ranks "Team Icons" set.

I called it Neon Ranks and you can see why!

There are several ranks included in this pack.
-Adv Member
-Non Member

I have also included a PSD file so that if the above ranks aren't enough or you have your own ranks to add you are able to!

If you need any help editing these or have suggestions please leave comments or send a PM to me on here.

I plan on making several more packs, so any and all suggestions are welcomed!

Instructions for Installing these images are included in the file.

Thanks again everyone!

-PXL Maximus

Click here to download this file

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