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"The Moderating Team" Board Index Link, Truncated


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This has been bothering me for a very long time, since 3.3 was released. When you click on "The Moderating Team" link on the board index, you only get a very small list of forum staff members on your forums. However, if you have the "Moderators" usergroup assigned to a particular forum and you click on the "Moderators" link, you get a list of every Moderator you have assigned on your message forums.

Does anyone know why the link on the Board Index is truncated in this manner and is there a way to fix this so that it lists every moderator on your forums? I'm asking because when I click on the board index link, the link only displays several moderators. But when I click on the 'Moderator' usergroup that is assigned to a message forum, I get a list of every moderator on my forums.

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