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Download: Jinpou - IPBFangorn (promotion/now no demo)


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File Name: Jinpou - IPBFangorn (promotion/now no demo)
File Submitter: Lawliet
File Submitted: 30 Jun 2012
File Category: Professional Skins

Jinpou is a skin for the forums of Anime and Japanese culture. The coat is polished in every respect, and frequently updated so that you can count on frequent amendment. Bright colors are very well composed so you do not tire the eye, and add professionalism. We recommend using a minimum resolution skinu at 1280x1024.

The pack contains:

  • Skin (3 pliki .xml)
  • Screenshots
  • PSD logo
  • fonts used in logo
  • psd login and register image


Click here to download this file
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I am having problems with the skin loading correctly in 3.4.1 the Text Editor doesn't show and is blank, or shows a text box but no buttons. I even tried downloading a most recent copy of the skin and it does the same thing. I have contacted invision power. The error we are getting in the log files are ReferenceError: IPS_extra_plugins is not defined which is pointing towards a skinning issue. What can i do to fix this. I tried reverting the just the editor and it still doesn't work. Please help.

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