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Hiding status updates & other improvements to moderating them


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There's a lot of room for improvement in IP.Board's implementation of status updates/profile comments.

With particular regards to moderating them, there is very little control over that. The ability to moderate statuses is, first of all, hard-wired for super moderators. A permission to control this on a per-usergroup basis would be a good addition to give admins some more control over the feature.

Secondly, and more importantly, once a status update is deleted, any trace of its existence is immediately wiped from the database. Coupled with the fact that the action isn't even recorded in the moderator logs, this leaves open the opportunity for members (or moderators) to delete statuses with no way to check what the status contained or even who deleted it. The ability to hide status updates, profile comments, and perhaps even their replies (along with the ability to disallow usergroups from hard-deleting statuses) would go a long way towards improving the effectiveness with which they can be moderated.

Andy mentioned in a tracker report that extending statuses to be "approvable" is in the cards, so it would be nice to see the other features of IP.Board's moderation framework integrated for them as well.

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