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Search System huge improvements


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We are many motorcyclists but we are having a hard time finding each other, unless each one of us is actually browsing the forum daily... which is not happening.

Let's take my example although there are many more like me. I own a Harley, i'm from Bucharest and i'm looking for others that also live in Bucharest and also own a harley.
I have some possibilities:
- there is the garage add-on - but not all members added their motorcycle
- there is the member map add-on - but not all members use it
- there is the social groups add-on - but not everyone is aware of it - and i do want to keep the discussions going on the forum, not on a 3rd party app which may or may not be tomorrow.

The only place where members seem to put all their information is in their profile.

I have set up a long time ago custom fields for members which fortunately, they have filled them in:
- their motorcycle
- their location
- some others...

I want to use these fields to somehow make members search and find each other more easily.

My suggestion is to modify the search to be able to search for members as well taking in consideration custom fields. Or maybe there are some better ideas?
Also, the ability to send a message to all or part of these 'already found' members is a must!

The perfect search system for me would be:
- Access the search
- Choose what i would like to search - members, content, and other extensions from my forum: the garage, help files, downloads etc.. or / and ALL.
- search the terms - maybe this search could take in consideration some or all member fields (custom or not) when selecting members as well as some or all fields from the other applications.

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