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Please add option to show forum rules in password forums


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If a forum is password protected the forum rules do not show unless you enter the password. You should know the rules BEFORE you enter. Especially with sensitive topic forums.

Should be... click forum... see rules on top of password box.


I can see both sides to this. On the one hand I agree that rules should be presented before entering but on the other, the rules themselves may contain sensitive info. The feature as it stands is working as it was intended to do but I'd encourage you to post your suggestions in the feedback forum so it can be considered for a future release.

I thought of that too, but the rules are not really sensitive, an option to show or not show before entering would be great. You can't say enter at own risk (for serious debating etc.) or put rules for entering if they have entered already and also it's a good place to show the password and warn them about topics they may not want to see.

"By entering the password you agree..." etc., but can't do that the way it is now.

So I suggest an option.

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