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[Good Feature] Secondary Group Promotion


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It would be nice to have the option of promoting members in a primary member group with a secondary member group after X posts/days since joined. This would allow an admin to setup a rolling based tier system that is fully automated.

For example:

Primary group: Members

Secondary group: 1 minute edit time

Secondary group: 5 minute edit time

Secondary group: 30 minute edit time

You would make all members have the secondary group 1 minute edit time added after X days since joined. You would setup the 1 minute edit time group to have its own promotion such that after Y days since joined, user is promoted to 5 minute edit time group. This second group would have its own promotion such that after Z days since joined, the member's secondary group of 5 minute edit time is promoted to 30 minute edit time.

This has many applications such as with Marcher's Content Database View Restrictions mod here: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/364473-download-content-database-view-restrictions/

Replace edit time with view count and you can have a glimpse at the endless possibilities.

It's important to note that with such a feature, there should be the option of retaining or dropping the secondary group upon promotion. In some cases, it might be beneficial to keep multiple secondary groups while in other cases, it would be redundant. For example, it is redundant to keep adding secondary groups with the first example above concerning edit time. However, it is not redundant to retain the previous secondary group upon promotion if the promoted features include distinct features such as: Promotion 1: 100 file downloads, Promotion 2: 10% discount on all Nexus items, Promotion 3: Access to hidden Senior member forum.

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