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Promenu Enhancements


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File Name: Promenu Enhancements

File Submitter: CodingJungle

File Submitted: 10 Jun 2012

File Category: Look and Feel

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x

This product will be outdated when promenu basic 3 series is released, and will not be maintained for it. This package will remain compatible and working with any of the listed versions of promenu 2.x. If you purchased this package, and did not get transfered to promenu plus, and rely on these features contact robert or myself.

Promenu Enhancments, is a modification pack for Promenu (the IP.Board application). This modification will give the following new features:

  • Ability to add IP.Content blocks to be used as mega menu items (in primary and header menu), as any type of menu (parent or child) in the footer menu.
  • Ability to add EasyPages Blocks to be used as mega menu items (in primary and header menu), as any type of menu (parent or child) in the footer menu.
  • Forum's feature, for header and primary menu (gives a complete listing in Promenu menu format of multi-tiered levels for all your forums/categories/sub-categories/sub-forums, follwing the permission view of each forum/category).

This modification can be used with the latest version of IP.content, or the latest version of EasyPages, the forum feature requires neither one to be installed (but this modification will have reduced functionality as it will not parse IP.Content or EasyPages Blocks without their respected application being installed).

here to download this file

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no they do not have to be disabled, you just have to have these settings turned on in "enable/disable":

enable "forums" feature: yes
enable forums feature for primary/header menu: both yes or where ever you want it to display.
place forums feature at front of primary/header menu: yes or no (depending where you want it to show up in the order, at the front of all the other items, or after all the other items).

then refresh you promenu cache, and it should build the required cache for this feature to work correctly.

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yeah it is what i was afraid.

there is a problem with how promenu currently has its templates laid out, mainly the plugin for its javascript being called in the template instead of the head where it belongs.

I'll have to create a template for the forum's and add it in the next release of the enhancements to get around this issue, thought i had, but i guess my regex skills aren't up to par atm. give me an hour or so, I'll release an update.

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only real problem is it seems to have an incorrect furl for me.
if you click the name you choose for menu it points to myforums.tld/forums/index/
I am using just /forums (htaccess) OR /forums/index.php
since it does not show in the promenu setting I cannot edit where it points either.

the menus themselves don't dive quite deep enough either.
say I have a category called members only, then another one called admins and mods, then a third called admins only the third is not visible.

they present and slide away correctly, positioning seems to work well.

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what is uninstall procedure?
I reuploaded all promenu files, removed the promenu_ipc_blocks.xml hook, reimported the promenu ProMenu.Header.Display.Tool.xml (from promenu download) and recached all.

edit: after doing this promenu upgrader ran and it all seems ok.

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sorry i didn't notice these, again i didn't get notified of a topic being posted in i follow (either in the notification area or in my email).

I'll test it out some more, but so far i've been unable to reproduce any of these issues on my production site or dev board.

the only thing i can think of, is uninstall the promenu header hook, and install the one that is included in the mod (as it might not have updated correctly). As there was a needed change in the header hook to get the forum's feature in the header to work correctly.

as for the FURL, that is controlled by the furl template in promenu, whatever it is set up to use in that file, the forum's feature will use


think i might have found the problem for where its not "showing' a forum., i will work up a fix tomorrow and push it out.

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I will check it out :smile:

odd on the furl issue as promenu works, will have to look at that.

sorry, for the primary menu the one that default says "forums", i use this furltemplate from promenu:

'app=forums'    => array( 'app'       => 'forums',

 'allowRedirect' => 0,

 'out'           => array( '#app=forums(&|$)#i', 'index/$1' ),

 'in'            => array( 'regex'   => '#^/index/(/|$|?)#i',

       'matches' => array( array( 'app', 'forums' ) ) ) ),

and for the submenus, i use this one from forums furltemplate:

'showforum'     => array( 'app'       => 'forums',

 'allowRedirect' => 1,

 'out'           => array( '#showforum=(.+?)(&|$)#i', 'forum/$1-#{__title__}/$2' ),

 'in'            => array( 'regex'   => '#^/forum/(d+?)-#i',

   'matches' => array( array( 'showforum', '$1' ) ) ) ),

i realized i had said i used the one in promenu, which was just half truth :)

if you are familiar with how the furl works, maybe you can track down the problem with the furl after i get the new version out.

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I forget where the directory where the forrum furl is kept now LOL
thought it was forums/admin/applications/forums/sources/classes but not seeing it there.
edit: found it, was off by one LOL

this is mine from forums/admin/applications/forums/extensions

'showforum' => array( 'app' => 'forums',

'allowRedirect' => 1,

'out' => array( '#showforum=(.+?)(&|$)#i', 'forum/$1-#{__title__}/$2' ),

'in' => array( 'regex' => '#^/forum/(d+?)-#i',

'matches' => array( array( 'showforum', '$1' ) ) ) ),

that seems to match up. will look at other when you post the update.

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well OT but so far THATS going well :P
old domain redirecting to new with an info page for users, all files copied over and DB imported (core_conf changes made) and cookie changed. so far so good, license update too LOL
gonna run like thta a day or 2 and get any kinks fixed then possible move to dedicated server.

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Just trying this out now.

Although I have imported both hooks, only one is ever showing, it's as if they keep over writing each other? (Looking on the installed hooks page, there is only one with your name). Is that correct?

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yes there will only be one with my name, the other one is the "ProMenu: Header Navigation Display Tool" by provisionist LLC, i didn't change the "ownership" of that hook to myself, as i only made a slight modification to it, to allow the "forum's" feature to work on the header menu.

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