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Support for web sockets when using an alternative caching software


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I recently submitted a support ticket regarding the fact that when trying to use a socket in order to enable caching via memcache you get an error. I was told that support for web sockets is not core functionality. I believe that this is a major oversight in the caching mechanism as sockets are pretty common. I tend to use them whenever I can when setting up a server. My PHP-FPM install uses a socket rather than server/port, memcache uses a socket and so on. Sockets are regarded as faster as the IP address/Port combination doesn't have to be resolved at all. They're also just way more simply to set up.

Please at least consider adding support for this. I was surprised to find it missing when it's been available in other software for a while (MyBB supports it for example - the software I've come here from and a free software...)

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