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Suggestion: Make the Editor Pluggable


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We know there have been multiple complaints about the editor as well as those who love it. What I love on the IP.Content backend is the ability to choose a particular editor. Could we abstract the editor portion of the code out in a way that makes it possible for us to build editor plugins that would allow board members to choose from pre-packaged or custom editors for their posts?

This abstraction would probably have to include special pre-processing and post-processing of text just like the current editor.

Who knows, maybe someone can improve even on what is there currently. I know in our situation our programmers feel like they are battling ckeditor when posting their source code, so I think a far more simplified editor that still has bbcode capabilities would work better.

Thoughts? Or is this already easy to do with a hook? Either way I would love to see it easier for the end user to simply choose a default editor.

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