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how much help IPB optimization google tips?

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We ran an analysis of web pages with the option google from url: developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed and after that system recommended me:


The page XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX got an overall PageSpeed Score of 37 (out of 100). Learn more

This PageSpeed Report is generated for this page as it appears in desktop browsers. To get suggestions on how to optimize the performance of this page for mobile devices, generate a mobile report.
Suggestion Summary

Click on the rule names to see suggestions for improvement.

  • High priority. These suggestions represent the largest potential performance wins for the least development effort. You should address these items first: Serve scaled images, Enable compression, Leverage browser caching, Minify JavaScript, Optimize images, Combine images into CSS sprites
  • Medium priority. These suggestions may represent smaller wins or much more work to implement. You should address these items next: Minimize redirects, Defer parsing of JavaScript, Minify CSS
  • Low priority. These suggestions represent the smallest wins. You should only be concerned with these items after you've handled the higher-priority ones: Inline Small JavaScript, Minify HTML, Specify a cache validator, Put CSS in the document head, Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header
  • Experimental rules. These suggestions are experimental, but do not affect the overall PageSpeed score. Consider these items as points to an area to explore, but your mileage might vary: Reduce request serialization, Eliminate unnecessary reflows

Already done!. There are no suggestions for these rules, since this page already follows these best practices. Good job!

And then I click on option Enable compression, the result is:

Enable compression

Compressing resources with gzip or deflate can reduce the number of bytes sent over the network.
Learn more
Suggestions for this page
Compressing the following resources with gzip could reduce their transfer size by 483.3KiB (76% reduction).

Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/public/js/3rd_party/prototype.js could save 122.9KiB (77% reduction).
Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/.../ipb_styles.css?... could save 93.5KiB (80% reduction).
Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/.../ipb.js?... could save 89.4KiB (75% reduction).
Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/.../scriptaculous-cache.js could save 59.5KiB (76% reduction).
Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/public/js/ips.gallery.js could save 28.7KiB (75% reduction).
Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/cache/lang_cache/9/ipb.lang.js could save 21.8KiB (72% reduction).
Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/.../colorpicker.js could save 12.6KiB (77% reduction).
Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/public/ipc_blocks/compiled.js could save 9.9KiB (75% reduction).
Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/public/js/ips.hovercard.js could save 8.6KiB (70% reduction).
Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/ccs_files/easytabs/easytabs.js could save 6.3KiB (69% reduction).
Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/public/js/ips.quickpm.js could save 5KiB (71% reduction).
Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/.../ipcontent.css?... could save 4.9KiB (71% reduction).
Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/public/ipc_blocks/compiled.css could save 4.8KiB (73% reduction).
Compressing http://storage.trafic.ro/js/trafic.js?... could save 4.7KiB (61% reduction).
Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/.../ipb_common.css?... could save 4.2KiB (67% reduction).
Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/.../colorpicker.css could save 2.5KiB (76% reduction).
Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/.../ipbforumskins.js could save 2KiB (64% reduction).
Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/.../calendar_select.css?... could save 1.7KiB (69% reduction).
Compressing http://www.mydomain.ro/.../cookie.js could save 311B (43% reduction).

I would like to know if I can make up Enable compressional (and how can to do that) and if really help?
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