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Allow Transfers of Inactive Licenses


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I am really annoyed and irritated at how the license system has changed since 2010. Back then all I needed to do was pull my info out of the license, and change the email and password. Fast forward to the present, and there is the "TRANSFER" button. Well that is all fine and dandy, but what if the person transfering the license has not paid it current? Oh well then the button is not there! So now you think, Ok well I will just put a support ticket in. Well that gets you no where fast, as they tell you to use the transfer button. So you explain that their system doesn't work that way, and that an expired license, is Non transferable. Then they escalate it......and you wait.....and wait....and finally give up!

So now I am going to have to transfer funds via Paypal, and pay extra. Just so that he can come to the website, renew the license......and then click transfer. I had an easier time transfering the domain than I have with getting anything done over here. Its really fustrating that the system you have in place right now, can't move a license unless it was paid for. At least let the initial move happen, and if its not paid current in 48 hours, automatically move it back to the original owner.

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Sorry for the delay getting this sorted for you.

Normally indeed expired licenses are non-transferrable, as an expired license won't allow you to download, contact support, etc. and is probably not what people expect when they buy a license from someone.
Since you're planning to renew once the license is in your hands anyway, we can just send you a renewal invoice on behalf of the current owner. No big deal, just a slightly unusual situation.

I'll be in touch through the client area :smile:

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Its all good now Mark. Unfortunately the site I ran for 5 years and gave away 2 years ago.....found its way back to me. But it found its way back with an expiring domain, expiring hosting and expired licenses. So it was a rush to get everything situated before everything went dead.

Thanks again!


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