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Improvements to the reporting system


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The reporting system could really use some improvements here and there.

The banning and warning systems have been updated, I think it seems appropriate to focus on the report system next.

Right now, when a user goes to report a post/file/profile, they're sent to the same page, with the same single text field. Quite boring, neh?

There's no option to select a reason for your report (eg. Offensive, Spam, Copyright, Double Post, etc.), and the report system itself seems fairly confusing to some users. I've actually had a few users try and submit comments on a post by using the report system, somehow.

Then there's also that "priority" like system where a report gains more attention the more users report it. I rarely have more than two users report the same post now as it is, and there's the problem that the same user can report the same post over and over and it still counts as being multiple reports from different users.

One of my suggestions, as posted above, is for admins to be able to specify "reasons" that a user is reporting something. Like how moderators select reasons for warning a user now. Also, when a user reports something, it should disable the report button on that post for that same user, so that they cannot report the same item multiple times. Maybe even highlight the post as being "unapproved" to that user, or hide it altogether as if the post had a very low reputation score.

I'm sure there are many great improvements that can be made here, but this is all that I can come up with off the top of my head.

If you have an idea, please post it here!

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