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Banned members still get bulk e-mails!


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With some of the recent updates to IP.Board, the "Banned" members group was deprecated.

This raises a problem, however.

Banned members are still (forcibly) opted into bulk e-mails, unless you manually move them to a custom created banned group (on new installations) that you then opt-out from all bulk e-mails. I've been spending the last several weeks trying to get off Microsoft's blacklist, and was recently contacted by a member who was long since banned on my site, stating that he is still receiving messages from the site and wanted me to have his account deleted. As he is banned, he cannot access or log into the community to do this himself.

Supposedly a mere 1% of the users on your mailing list repeatedly file complaints against you can have you put on their blacklist. Though, I don't believe this is what specifically caused me to be blacklisted, I still think this is an obvious problem that should be addressed.

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