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Disable Sounds By Default


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Could we please disable the chat sounds by default? The first question anyone entering my chat asks is "how do I disable these annoying sounds"...

I wouldn't mind leaving them there as an option, but I'm pretty sure 99% of the users do not want a sound to play every time someone enters the room or sends a message.

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How would I do that, while still allowing people to have the sounds if they want to? I don't think it would be such a straightforward edit...

Wouldn't it be possible to just have a setting in the ACP where one can set the default?

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Yes, I know a setting is more ideal. I just meant as a stop gap for your own use.

Add a snippet like so to your skin template near the top

if( !ipb.Cookie.get('chat_sounds') ) { ipb.Cookie.set('chat_sounds', 'off' ); }</script>

<script type='text/javascript'>

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