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Single Login, multiple forum identities?


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I'm sorry if this seems trivial to some of you, but its a question I encounter on a regular basis.
Within a roleplay community, some members have alternative characters they use. Some use them sparringly and some regularly. I'm curious if there is a way to have someone login with one ID, and then have a dropdown to access each character.

My idea as an ex. I use 123456@yahoo.com to login.
Once I am logged in, I have 3 forum ID's to choose from: A, B & C-each with different avatars.

I select forum ID A and then I post a new roleplay experience (thread), I choose to have forum ID B respond, so I use say a dropdown menu, select forum ID B and then post.

As of now, members have to make many alternative accounts, requiring them to logout and then login. Is there a way to skip this step entirely? I know some sites use this, but I'm not aware how it is done or if it is possible with IP.

Thank you!

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