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I need help!


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Sorry, I did not know which forum to post this in, please move it to a different section if necessary.

So, I have recently purchased a package and have a website setup,

Im basically in need of a tutorial as to how to add more pages, as in a home page, etc.
All I have now is the forums and a members section.

I dont know any php or xml coding, im fairly new to the game, could someone give me a hand?


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If you purchased the forum package, please login here using the same email / password combination as in the Client Area, then you'll be able to use your client account to post in the support forums and / or submit a ticket. :smile:

If its a friends board, please have them add you as an alternative contact via the Client Area, then you will be able to submit tickets / post support requests on their behalf.

Thank you. :smile:

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