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HTML posting disabled - but editing posts reveals HTML


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First post and bringing a problem. Sorry about that.

The recent software upgrade (not sure of version, sorry) in IP.Board has brought along an odd problem which I am not sure how to fix. Although member posting in HTML is disabled in all of the group rights, clicking edit on an existing post or PM brings up a raw version of the post but with raw HTML formatting tags added and visible. The same issue applies to signatures and PMs. I suspect this leads back to the was the content editing box is configured somehow. Also, the post editor does not show any emoticons or the other formatting controls as previously.

To explain my level of knowledge: I have just been elevated to administrator on the board I have moderated for a long time and have experience of IPB from a 2-3 years back. Be nice.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks Aiwa. Finding my feet again after being "out of the game" for about three years. I figured that it was a simple (known) configuration issue rather than one to elevate to ticket submission. From what I can tell (and FWIW) it seems to be the editor that is the problem.

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