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Suggestion: Answered / Solved button on posts


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I don't doubt this isn't the first time this has been suggested... and I'm sure the general response will be get it made as a modification addon... however... I believe the majority would make use of this.

I have technical forums, whereby a member will post a question and tends to get a number of responses... usually at least one of these is sound advice, or actually provides the answer... it would be great for selected user groups and the OP to be able to click on a button to mark that post as 'Answered' or 'Solved' (or what ever word you wish to use)...

That post is then both highlighted in a different colour and duplicated below the OP's first post, marked as the 'Answered Solution'.

I've put it as a suggestion here as I believe this has a wider use in terms of peer to peer support and website admin support, of which most forums have a section.

(Naturally I will be requesting for someone to produce this as a mod for now too)


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