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able to block files from certin people.


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would be good if you could block files from certin members.

I go to ISP marketplace and see these skins by xxxxx they are awful, no offence... I would not have them on my forum if you paid me..
but its annoying to see LQ files..

its like seeing misleading titles/thumnails in youtube (example:xxxxx with all his stupid crap.)

any way to block it

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The ignore system could really use some expanding. Either with options or default functions, if a user is ignored I shouldn't see anything from that person inthe entire suite. Posts, status updates, messages (exists), files, gallery images, blogs. Anything that counts as user submitted content. That would be my definition of a powerful ignore system.

But what we have now works too. Just my suggestions.

Also sxephil is awesome.

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I have removed the names from your topic, opinions vary and there is no need to insult anyone for their work, however your request to filter authors would be a good one. :smile: Thanks for understanding!

You didn't remove the names from mine. Although if you replace that name with XXX then that makes me look weird. :lol:
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