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Re-add the "Can see soft-deleted posts/topics" group permissions


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IP.Board used to have group-based permissions in version 3.2.x and earlier that allowed granular control over what, if anything, non-moderator members could see of "soft-deleted" (now "hidden") content. We relied on these permissions at my sites so that members could see the red placeholder for a removed post or topic and the reason it was removed, while denying them access to the actual content of the post. This worked quite well because the red placeholder served as a visual reminder to abide by our rules.

A heated private message from one of my members brought it to my attention that these permissions no longer exist in IP Board 3.3.0, and I confirmed via support ticket that they were removed together as part of the effort to revise the moderation tools (although the removal of the "can see soft-deleted posts?" and "can see soft-deleted topics?" group permissions was never announced as part of the change).

Now, to see any trace at all of hidden posts, one must be a moderator. This now makes it impossible for members to know why their posts were hidden or which moderator hid them without privately contacting a staff member who can check for them and redirect them to the mod that did it, which wastes the time of both parties involved.

Is there any chance we could get these permissions added back?

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