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Acessibility issue for blind persons with WYSIWYG-editor


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Hello, I got contacted by a blind person today about the problems of using his tablet thing for posting posts on our forum.

I'm not sure how this looks or works, but maybe some of you have experience with it?

I'm not sure how to correctly translate it, but he's appearantly using a screen reader which reads text with speech and it also prints "blind text" onto a special display. He can't write posts/select the text field when the WYSIWYG-editor is in use and thus have to ask a non-blind person to switch to the simple editor, then it works for the rest of that browsing session.

However, when he have exited the browser and later starts it again, the editor is once again changed to WYSIWYG. Which means he has to ask a non-blind person to help him again. What he wants is thus to be able to have the simple editor as default.

Could anyone provide any help or tips on how to help him with this problem and could IPS please improve the accessibillity for blind persons in the future?

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Your WYSIWYG preference should be remembered. If he disables the editor, it should remain disabled between sessions.

Thanks for the reply.. but that doesn't seem to be the case. When he exits his browser, he'll get the rte when he starts it up the next time.

Do you store it in db somewhere? I know you had a profile setting for it before.. which is what this user wants, but you removed that in 3.2 so...

His accessibility software detects text areas and input fields and in that way he's able to use it, but that doesn't seem to work when it's the rte appearantly.

Any tips on how to resolve this situation for him? I really feel this is an accessibillity issue with IPB rather than the user having to try and find another screen reader software or something..
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The chosen option is now stored in a cookie, if his browser removes the cookies upon exit that would cause the setting to revert.

Appearantly it is not working for him then.. Is there a way we can get this setting back to being stored in db? For me that seems like the preferred solution here. I don't feel I can ask blind people to simply find someone who can see everytime the use a new browser, the cookie is gone etc.

And I dont have any knowledge on how these screen readers use or does not use cookies either, so I'm not sure if "cookie deletion" or similar is done on purpose for these users.
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It would be better in my opinion if it could be stored in db for the user. Because he's still having trouble with the editor. When it's neither textarea or input and has to get help from others to switch the editor.

He also needs help when using the default skin. This is on IPB 3.2.3.

Would really appreciate it if you could keep accessibility in mind later.

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When he exits his browser, he'll get the rte when he starts it up the next time. (...) This is on IPB 3.2.3.

It's a bug of 3.2.3: http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-board/ckeditor-editor-keeps-reverting-to-rich-text-r34547
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