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Sphinx isn't just for big boards....

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Honestly that is a huge part of the problem with using Sphinx with Invision's stuff: they don't use Sphinx, and rarely have to search their own board. So they don't get what all the fuss is about, and they don't test it very well before releasing new versions. There are a lot of really nice improvements one could make to the board's searches if you are running real search engine instead of just doing an SQL fulltext search: that includes sorting results by a weighting function.

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wow, i mixed threads in words in one post :S

using sphinx and I use mysql for vew new content and it all seems to work fine for me but not using nginx.

i meant:

i have a question, is there any way to get "my content" not to use sphinx?
i had a really fun moment tracking why that area was not updating :S
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are you using mysql for the view new content?
I thought, and I may be wrong, that section was all driven off that.

thats how I am setup and my content updates immediately.....when I remember to check the option LOL
was testing to see if I could duplicate issue and found NOTHING worked...sphinx or mysql....then I remembered I had not checked the auto follow option :P

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