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Great Work and Keep Improving!

Jonathan B

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I discovered IPS suite by accident the SAME DAY I was going to buy vBulletin. I just happened to see a really nice forum skin, inquired about it, and was referred to this community. Just like that, my expectations changed and vBulletin was no longer a viable option.

For my site, ip.downloads is the core of my offering...the 'meat and potatoes'. The forum turned out to be a nice addition to provide support and information for those who needed it. I upload large files between 40mb-2gb of music, templates, and presets for professional and aspiring multimedia producers/engineers.

My first option was to learn programming to build my own solution (which I haven't completely ruled out), but IPS was a great start which allowed me to focus on the content I provide for my users. This is an invaluable service.. Though its not perfect, it does better than any other boxed solution with a wide range of integrated apps and hooks.

I read many compaints about pricing, but I don't know a single programmer who has a better quote for such a range of functionality and requirements. Please continue to study the needs of your users. Maybe even start a VIP forum where paid users get their requests acknolwedged first.

I wish IPS team the best of success.

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Welcome to IPS

Thank you for taking the time to post your positive experience! :)

On the VIP forum, nice idea, however we do have the business license option which does provide priority support as well. :)

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