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Option for full or IPB/defeatured CKeditor?


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I (sort of) understand the desire for a simple/defeatured text editor for use with forums.

That said, if IPS wants Content/Blog/Nexus (wrapped around IPB) to be seriously considered as a full-fledged CMS, then at least provide the option of using the full-featured CKeditor for Content and Blog instead of the default defeatured CKeditor.

I would like to migrate our blogs from Wordpress to IP.Blog, our news/article system to IP.Content and our membership/invoicing system to IP.Nexus to better mesh with IP.Board as a complete system. Content and Blog would be used by professional editors, not the great unwashed. Asking them to use the current dumbed-down CKeditor is sending them back into the Stone Age, particularly regarding image handling.

Would it be a big deal to simply provide an option for full or simple editor?

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A big part of the complication is that [as far as I know] everything uses BBCode internally, which very much limits what can actually be accomplished. Probably not the case for Content, but absolutely true for Board, and probably true for Blogs as well. The full editor features you would like simply can't happen short of changing to an HTML-based system, which involves other issues [primarily security and usability].

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