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Manage Help Files: Improvements for the help system and other "help" texts


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The help system and some other similar stuff need some improvements: Maybe to be continued...

[*]Better translation support! The complete (old) help system / help files should saved in the language packs to made it translatable for multilanguage communitys AND (!) made it easyer to "share" a translated version of the help files. This also applicable for other important texts which saved at the moment in the ACP, it make no sense to save the community rules, privacy police, etc ... in the ACP, a administrator can also edit a languagepack as easy as it is to edit the texts in the ACP, so please put all those important texts to the language files and/or give us optional keys we can add manually like the getAppTitle(). [*]Every "help file" / "help topic" need a special key (like the language strings). Why? At the moment we have a problem when we translate the help files to a different language. If you update your IP.Board the updater will create new "help files" if you have translated the default one, so we have all translated help files twice (1x translated and after upgrade 1x english).

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Excellent comment IPBSupport.de
I 100% support your request. I first thought about the option to just add a translation to the exisiting help text. But this has all the drawbacks you mentioned and more in special when you have 3 or more languages installed.

Also I wish that catagory titles could be changed, depending on the language settings.

A Suivre......

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