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What I miss in IP.B (to Joomla send into retirement)


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Hi there,
I'm 2 years away from vB and now familiar with IP.B (I think). My site has 2 parts - one part made with Joomla and community part with IP.B - forum, gallery, blogs, IP.Content, groups and more.
I would prefer to use only one software. But what I miss in IP.B to change from Joomla?

  • Quizzes
  • Comparison Charts like here
  • Glossary / dictionary (with tooltip). I made a dictionary with articles, a block with alphabet and template changes in IP.C - but it's many manual work. Tooltips (in forums p.e.) I don't have in this way, of course.
  • Tables in editor - not as a BBCode but rather normal tables.
  • Ratings - yes, there's a rating mod. But a modder who explain almost one year that he will make custom fields is untrustworthy. The best way were custom rating fields like / instead of comments in IP.Content databases.
  • FAQ - yes, it can be made with IP.C, but not so easy. The help files of IP.B would be the better FAQ, but what's with help files then? ;)
  • Gallery with feature for contests. It is the only feature of PhotoPost Pro that I miss on IP.Gallery.
  • Diary for every user with custom fields - ok, a very special feature ;) My site is health related and so a diary would be fine for notes about symptoms, therapies and medications.
  • Easy possibility to have the ads at the right, outside of content. Now I have to change the globalTemplate, and this is not so difficult. But it's not pretty.

Why I'm explaining all these things? Maybe someone has an idea. Maybe it's feedback for IPS ;)
By all means I'm very pleased with IP.B and so on so my post is not intended to grumble.


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