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Download: TVS Battlegear - IPB 2.3.6 , 3.1.2 , 3.3.x and 3.4.2 Skin


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File Name: TVS Battlegear - IPB 2.3.6 , 3.1.2 , 3.3.x and 3.4.2 Skin

File Submitter: TransverseStyles

File Submitted: 09 May 2012

File Category: Dark Skins

A dark yet colorful skin from TransverseStyles.

A customizable sidebar and header with links for all your game genre's or ladders...or anything you want to go there.

Visit http://transversestyles.com/ to check out our other IPB Skin offerings and special offers.

Click here to download this file

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It would seem that the skin has some major problems. I can point them in in the pictures below.

The bottom look like this all push together.

The spacing is very width from the picture you show in the example. Also the default IPB icons are being use not the Battlegear ones.

Well you can tell by the interface that there a lot needs to be done.

Blog background don't even show up correctly, the buttons are floating in no mans land on the top right,

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Update on current skin.

Default icons being use, not like the others should be use base on master sample on Marketplace.

People in chat room don't show up. Also the PM number is floating to close to the icon should be more out and to the left or right.

Recent Blog Entries needs a space from the title top.

Icon are very hard to see (on right in member listing area)

Gallery area, icons are floating in space extending the title bar could work here.

Button icons hard to see, good example of blogs being change for each one.

Basic Navigation need to be out extend to the right.

Align is off for button and stuff on the left.

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Have not have an update from TransverseStyles via PM for almost a month and even give him access to my forums to try to correct the problem as he stated " We are unable to replicate the issues that you have faced, so if you could give us the access to your site, we could go and check the issue for ourself and resolve it." As I have not heard of him I would be reporting in seven days to get an reply and let the Admins take care of the problem of the skin not being fix correctly.

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