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Download: TVS Redrunner


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File Name: TVS Redrunner - IPB 3.1.2 and 3.3.x Skin
File Submitter: TransverseStyles
File Submitted: 08 May 2012
File Category: Light Skins


Redrunner is one amazing skin from TransverseStyles!

Customized IPB Skin from top to bottom all the way down to customized IM icons to match the skin. We know you're gonna love this one!

Visit http://transversestyles.com/ to check out our other IPB Skin offerings and special offers.

Click here to download this file

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pro menu 2 does not work, I am trying to do the DawPi forum icon mod but this skin has none of

<td class='col_c_icon'>


<if test="$forum_data['_has_unread']">

statements in the templates like all other skins do.
my email is in my profile and is valid.
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In ipbstyles.ccs find index_stats. You'll see width: 22%; Remove it. That should fix the sidebar problem.

It's a left over from the 3.1.4 skin. As I said in another thread this skin is 3.1.4 with 3.3.x code thrown in the mix. There are many places in the templates that need to have the old taken out and new put in. The logo is hard coded in the skin because the coder didn't take the time to change the 3.1.4 code, which is also still in there, to the newer code. This one example there are many more that I found.

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I will try that now, thank you.
if this is to be advertised as 3.3 I think it needs to be addressed.
I see a bunch if index_stats entries...this is gonna be fun LOL

would you mind pointing out other fixes? I have an idea I am going to have to fix this myself.
also would be interested in that other thread....

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There really are too many to list. I worked on it all weekend and still don't have it fully compatible with 3.3.2. The forum and blog now work, but, content, downloads and gallery still need work.

are you seeing the info looking like it was just pasted on white page with no borders, etc showing? and fonts on mine seem to be placed slightly on top of each other too.
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Grrr... I agree. It seems like there are many things here and there that would usually work most paid for 3.3 skins but this one is giving me trouble.

No doubt it's a great design... author just needs to work some more in the coding to make it more compatible.

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