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Download: [iBot] Dark Knight (IPB 3.1)

Connor T

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File Name: [iBot] Dark Knight (IPB 3.1)
File Submitter: Connor T
File Submitted: 26 Jul 2009
File Category: Dark Skins

[iBot] Dark Knight (IPB 3 Dark Skin) v1.5

I made this skin for my own site, but decided to give it back to anyone who wants it. Took me about a week to make, with mostly color changes. I do not own IP. Gallery or IP. Blog, so support in that will be broken. I can probably fix it in an hour or two, if I can get access to a board with those installed.

Please do not redistribute. This is a paid skin. Redistributing is illegal!

You can remove the copyright and change it up all you want.

Otherwise than that, its a nice dark skin.

You can view http://ibotmodz.net/forum and sign in with

user: test10

pass: test10

and then switch to the skin "Dark Knight" for a live preview.

I lost my domain ipb3stuff.com for some strange reason and trying to get it back. In the meantime, this is the URL of the site: http://ibotmodz.net/ipb3stuff/

Click here to download this file

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