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Need a reputable guy to work on optimize your server?

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I grew weary of techs (employed by the web hosting company I lease from) working on my VPS. They always seemed to know what they were talking about, yet, they never actually accomplished anything. This was always the case after creating countless support tickets for my account.

Recently, I read a post made by 3DKiwi, regarding a server issue another member was having. It was causing problems for his forum, I believe? He (3DKiwi) recommended another member, (in his words) "a server guru" who had worked on his server, and which he had been pleased about. I didn't have the exact username for the guy who did the work, so I sent a PM to 3DKiwi to ask him. Anyway, long story short, Gary., the member in question, IS a server guru!

I was having problems that never seemed to get resolved when contacting my host. Go figure. I mean, a hosting company who has techs for their servers - yet they don't seem to know what the heck they are doing? :rolleyes:

Anyway, I contacted Gary. via PM. He responded in short order, and was very polite, professional, and accommodating. He was working on other things, but found time to work on my server issues. He completed the work in short time, sorting out my problems. My server has been running fine for several days, much better than it ever has, and using fewer resources. (My hosting company's answer to that issue always was, go with a larger account.)

Now, fellow board members, you have at least two references who can recommend Gary. Perhaps there are even more that I am not aware of? Anyway, if you want your server sorted right the first time, without the headaches of contacting your hosting company (who apparently do not hire capable employees to work for them in the first place) then I suggest you contact Gary., Yep, definitely contact Gary. for headache free server problem solving.

This sound like an ad to you? Hell yes, it is an ad, a promotion and recommendation in fact. If you had the issues I have had in the past year with my server, you would want a reputable guy to sort your problems out too!!

Gary, thanks mate. You will be the ONLY person I contact to work on my servers, from this day forward.

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Most of the techs hired by vps companies are paid peanuts. And no skilled workers are willing to work for peanuts. It's a simple math.

How much do you pay for a VPS? $50? Then their budget for management is probably only like $10~20. That's far less than an hour's worth of work per month for any skilled administrator. So, if you request ANYTHING from them in a month, they'd lose money. That doesn't make sense, right? So, obviously they're hiring very low wage workers to get the task done.

If you hire more reputable management companies, the minimum monthly fees just for management is $100/month and average at around $150/month. Some are in range of thousands/month as well.

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It's closer to $150 USD per month, for that particular account. But, I understand what you are saying.

The company should look at it differently, then. They should hire fewer techs, pay them more, and have guys (and gals) who know what they are doing. I mean, if the techs know what they are doing in the first place, then there is no need to keep bothering them with more replies or new support requests. It isn't rocket science.

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